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Fulfilling needs with definitive solutions. Anticipating challenges with clarity. Innovating to drive aspirations. Staying ahead of the curve to empower customers to deliver optimal value to their customers. Most importantly, keeping the planet at the centre of what we do. This is our daily agenda. This is why we come to work.

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Amplifying value propositions, with leading-edge brands
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We believe in challenging norms. Explore beyond the tried and tested. The central agenda for all of us, at Aditya Birla Advanced Materials worldwide, is to push for better efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability. The focus is across all touch-points through the entire value chain.

We seek to push the boundaries of Chemistry, on a daily basis. Restacking our knowledge base to trigger new perspectives that will put us on the path of synthesising new solutions.

The quest to vitalise outcomes of Applications is ceaseless. Reviewing methodologies to scope out possibilities of making processes more robust and efficient.

Aligning with Industries as they evolve, is a primary focus area. Tapping into our worldwide network, we stay tuned to the pulse of the industries and their anticipated trends.

Amplifying value propositions, with leading-edge brands
The world evolves as we speak. At a pace, that is probably unprecedented. With the consumer landscape metamorphosing with alacrity, companies have to constantly improve their offerings to protect marketshare. Partnering with industry players to sustain growth is our onus as well as a prime focus. Well-entrenched through decades of global exposure, we have built and curated a spectrum of cutting-edge brands - Epotec, CeTePox, Recyclamine and Briozen.Read More
We are geared to build and curate solutions that help you deliver best-in-class deliverables to customers, thereby impelling growth and consolidating a business edge.
We are committed to synthesise products that optimise safety for formulators and applicators and minimise ecological footprint, thereby vitalising the value chain for a healthier planet.
Deep rooted commitment
for a vitalized chain
Protecting the environment is a duty that each one of us who exists on the planet. We believe it is that simple. We are duty-bound to build solutions that are world-class and also have a neutral or positive eco-footprint. We owe this to the generations of tomorrow.
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Health & Safety
Doing all that it takes to safeguard the health of our people, is an integral part of our core culture. Health has a direct and immediate impact on business. Investing in acquiring the latest understanding to invigorate the wellness and well-being of our people is an unflinching focus.
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Work Culture
Built on a robust culture that originates from the Aditya Birla Group, we foster long-lasting relationships based on trust, respect and fairness. Our business ambition is driven by the aspirations and beliefs of our people. We believing in investing, facilitating and empowering a meaningful and fulfilling journey for each one of us.
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Community Work
Making a difference and growing the business are two sides of the same coin; they’re inseparable. Actively engaging with communities through targeted developmental initiatives we build mutually beneficial relationships. We work with the village communities for their holistic development aspects to vitalize overall quality of life.
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