Ensuring well-being with nurtured health. Driving operations with optimal safety.
Health & Safety are not focus areas for us. They are the premise on which every aspect of our business is run. We are committed to continuously maximizing prevention of work-related injuries, eliminating hazards, and reducing operational risks & incidents. We constantly look at ways and means to improve health, hygiene & safety not only for our employees, but for all those who come in contact with our operations- be it our vendors, suppliers, contractors, agency staff, customers, distributors, associates, media, visitors, local communities etc. We ensure compliance with all health & safety norms applicable to our business spanning across all our facilities, operations, interactions, and initiatives.
Robust well-being above everything
Doing all that it takes to safeguard the health & well-being of our people, is an integral part of our core culture. This commitment goes beyond employees to span contract employees, agency staff, visitors, local communities and the society. Guided by the Aditya Birla Group Sustainability Framework, access to occupational health services in terms of adequate competent resources and protective equipment is ensured. Occupational health hazards including process exposure is assessed regularly to proactively evolve and implement initiatives, to minimize health risks.
Relentlessly striving to minimize exposure hazards, we push for continual improvement of infrastructure and business processes while promoting best work practices. We constantly monitor and bench-mark health surveillance systems, emergency response measures and recovery programs to sustain swift and efficient care with optimized efficacy. We build awareness through regular education & training programs. Investing in acquiring the latest understanding to invigorate the wellness and well-being of our people is an unflinching focus.
Absolute safety before everything
This aspect percolates into every dimension of our business. Safety in processes and operations is paramount and non-negotiable. Enhancing standards of safety through globally bench-marked practices, norms, systems & technology is a continuous process for us. We ensure a safe workplace by analyzing, scoping beyond the obvious to capture even the tiniest aspect that will help us mitigate risks further. We instill rigor in our safety adherence by setting objectives, targets to develop, deploy and maintain standards and systems, through regular cycles of audit.
We invest to develop the will, knowledge and skill among employees & external stakeholders to demonstrate their involvement, responsiveness & accountability to establish high standards of safety. We consult employees, across the operations, to sharpen of safety policies and strengthen safety management systems. Continuous engagement with employees keeps safety at the top of their minds. For us safety is a front-line term of employment; everything commences and completes with uncompromising safety.