Towards Radiant Horizons For Sustainable Living
Building Solutions for a Vitalized Planet
Sustainability has not been a badge we aspired to wear. Neither has it been a certification we sought for cleaning after. Ensuring the planet and society don’t have to pay a price, in the long run as we grow businesses. Ascertaining customers don’t have to live with any downside as they use our products. Both, these aspects are not a matter of choice. At Aditya Birla Advanced Materials, the commitment to minimize our footprint and conserve resources has been a proactive and longstanding. The quest to formulate building blocks that help customers build products that are sustainable.
As millennials and centennials form a more significant part of markets, the demand for products that are eco-friendly, with a positive impact on society, have grown rapidly. Towing this line, governments are making regulations and norms more and more stringent. Companies need to respond quickly. Business need to evolve their offerings. This is essential for ensuring business continuity. We work closely with industries to build solutions that stem from the principles of green chemistry to offer ecological-friendly propositions, meet compliance norms, build innovations for new markets that help veer towards a circular economy. Environmental systems & standards are ANAB accredited and certified by IQNet & UKAS for ISO 14001.
Accelerating with a vitality-led plan
  • Minimized use of fossil fuels at various touch-points, from energy source to raw material
  • Moving towards net-zero GHG footprint and helping customers do the same
  • Conserving and recycling water for all manufacturing operations
  • Efficient effluent treatment methods to abate landfill
  • Evolve existing products & innovate new ones that are planet-friendly, while sustaining performance
  • Enabling composites to be recovered & repurposed
  • Enabling 100% renewable carbon from totally bio-based raw material
  • Enabling VOC emission-free construction & coating applications
  • Elevate beyond compliance of global ecological regulations and sustainability standards
  • Enabling circular economy with products that allow true end-of-life recycling & zero-waste manufacturing
Integrating vitality-led policies
Product Stewardship
Energy & Carbon
Water Stewardship

Constantly looking at efficient use of natural resources, energy reduction, pollution control, waste avoidance & management and recycling, we go beyond internationally disseminated technologies and practices. Reviewing & enhancing the ecological performance of products, services and infrastructure and operations is continuous & cyclic process.