Invigorating the workplace with meaningfulness. Vitalizing the individual with fulfillment
People-led businesses built by a people-oriented company. This statement captures the essence of who we are, what we achieved and how we got there. From the very start, people have been our foundation blocks and central pillars. This is not a strategy. It's just the natural right thing to do. The more one invests in strengthening this foundation, the taller a company can scale up and stand. This credo forms the very basis of every blueprint, policy and initiative for our workforce. This enriching and meaningful legacy has seen a global business come into being.
Fostering a culture of exponential development
Building and nurturing long-term relationships is at the core of employee-engagement philosophy at Aditya Birla Advanced Materials. We are committed to build a deep-rooted culture of putting people first, at all times. We look at nourishing talent & building skill-sets by providing challenges within & outside one's primary domain. This helps discover new facets of strengths and areas of growth. We focus on facilitating opportunities to gain diverse experiences for widening one's knowledge horizon. We invest in upskilling and mentoring employees to scale to leadership positions. Empowering employees to take risk as they aspire to tap into unprecedented dimensions of business, we drive for continuous growth and development of employees.
Fostering a culture of value-based engagement
Individual dignity, self-worth, moral compass and sense of identity are of paramount importance. They have been frontline aspects of all actions, interactions & reactions at the workplace. Respect and fairness are sacrosanct tenets of any engagement with people within or outside the company. These aspects help us protect dignity & identity of the individual. They define us and make us who we are in the corporate and business worlds.
Fostering a culture of equalized advancement
We believe in equal opportunity for all genders, socio-economic classes, ethnicity and geographies. We uphold Inclusion. We celebrate diversity. We ensure our work environment and its mechanics enable women to derive the best value from career opportunities that integrate seamlessly into their personal sphere of life. We actively provide avenues to physically challenged & special category candidates to harness unshackled growth. Multiple opportunities to hone existing skills and develop new ones, are provided with a focus on constantly encouraging people to learn. There is a strong emphasis on competitive compensation, performance incentives, international assignments, group-wide recognition, health, safety and quality of life. Building and nurturing long-term relationships is at the core of employee-engagement philosophy at Aditya Birla Advanced Materials.