Waterborne Products

Features & Benefits

  • Adhesion - For flooring and anti-corrosive metal protection applications, Waterborne Epoxy Systems deliver excellent performance with most substrates. Their robustness and durability, are an industry benchmarks. These systems demonstrate superior and outstanding over-coatability & inter-coat adhesion.
  • Water Vapour Permeability - Conventional epoxy floorings face osmotic blistering issues due to very low vapour transmission rates, leading to high repair costs. Waterborne Epoxy Floorings can be formulated into systems having excellent water vapour permeability to overcome osmotic blistering issues. Flooring thickness from ultra-thin to several millimetres can be achieved.
  • Emission Free - Environments like hospitals, schools, offices and other confined areas need floorings & coatings that have very low or zero emissions in line with stringent regulations. Waterborne Epoxy Systems, being free from VOC/organic solvents, are ideal to provide safe, healthy spaces.
  • Durability - In applications exposed to constant fatigue like warehouse floorings, production facilities, parking and public infrastructure, Waterborne Epoxy Systems achieve excellent durability. Railway, marine, defence & automotive OEMs use them for reliable metal protection & robust anti-corrosion applications.
  • Versatility - With excellent curing and wide range of working time, Waterborne Epoxy Systems are suitable for all types of primers, coatings, filled systems, self-leveling floors & anti-corrosion paints. Formulated in many colours with matt or high gloss finishes, they work well for decorative applications.
* These are not common to all products within the portfolio. The choice of product will be determined by the specific properties required by the application.
Product Family
Waterborne Epoxy Resin
Waterborne Curing Agent / Hardeners
Waterborne Curing Agent / Hardeners

Waterborne Curing Agents, typically, are based on modified polyamines. In addition to cross-linking with liquid epoxy resins, they also act as emulsifiers, allowing formulation of zero VOC systems. Hence, additional emulsifiers aren't needed. Waterborne Curing Agents are, most often, used in combination with epoxy resins, either being pre-emulsified or dispersed in water. These resin & curing agent systems can generally be diluted to the desired solids level by simply adding water. Compatible with a variety of additives, like wetting agents, defoamers, rheology modifiers, coalescing agents and coupling agents, they help achieve enhanced properties. Different cure speeds, make these curing agents suitable to be used with various epoxy resins.

The No.1 choice for applications in self-levelling, trowelable flooring, concrete repair, top coatings, water wipeable tile grouts, concrete primers, OEM metal protection, Waterborne Curing Agents are also ideal for anti-corrosion applications like rail road, marine, defence, automotive and primers for OEM light-duty applications. They are used to achieve high performance waterborne systems for applications such as next generation of metal primers for the transportation industry, flooring systems with longer pot life & superior chemical resistance and protective industrial concrete coatings. Waterborne Curing Agents also find use in self-levelling & mortar floors, grouts and steel coatings.

Features & Benefits*

  • Low to zero-VOC emissions
  • Low color
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good adhesion, especially to damp concrete
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy & safe to apply and clean

* Not common to all systems within the portfolio